The days of banks giving away loans are over. Throughout the years, banks have become much less likely to take small calculated risks when confronted with the decision to award loans or funding to a small/midsize business or individual. For a long time that was a MAJOR problem for society. This practice inhibited the average small to mid-size business from growing and reaching its full potential on a large scale. The reluctance of lending also had a trickle down effect of ultimately less jobs, less spending, and a weaker capitalistic system.


Enter Alternative Lending

This practice or lack thereof, quickly gave rise to the world of alternative lending. Almost overnight, an entire industry of Peer 2 Peer lending, Crowdfunding, and many others was born — but most notable of them all, was calculated alternative lending. Businesses needed to find a way to continue to feed the economy while sustaining themselves, and investors and smaller institutions wanted a new way of doing business. From here alternative lending was born.


So, what is Calculated Alternative Lending?

Calculated Alternative Lending is really a nice way of saying investors and smaller institutions who are willing to take more risks to bet on average, everyday people. This covers every lender from Hedge fund investors to small private banks. Alternative lending has become something between an art and a science — whereas the goal is not always to just GET FUNDED, it is more about finding the right fit. There are so many methods and qualifiers for such a variety of lending programs, that it’s less about a quick fix — and more about a right fit. You want a company fighting for you, who will dedicate hours of the day speaking with you, evaluating all of your needs, and diagnosing the perfect solution at the best rates to ensure your business is stronger than ever before.


Why Rapid Funding Now?

Well, with such a large amount of lenders out there, you may ask yourself this question — and you absolutely should. An educated buyer will almost always be a successful one. So — let’s ask the question, why Rapid Funding Now? Well, Rapid Funding Now has spent years cultivating relationships throughout the industry with almost every shape and size of lender out there. After just a few minutes of talking on the phone, we will be able to identify on a dime EXACTLY where it is that you want to be, where you need to be, and how we can get you there effectively. We will evaluate thousands of options to handpick the perfect one for you and your company, and with our reputation, ensure that they not only stand up to but exceed on their end of the bargain. That means accountability for everyone.


Sounds good, but I'm Still not Convinced.

Well again, your absolutely right! It is customers like you that make us strive to be better every day! We believe that it’s not enough JUST to have the best product — you must also provide the best service. That is why we stand up for our customers above all else and fight for them no matter what. Anything you need we are HERE FOR YOU. We are your professionals and will be available on tap at any stage or time during the funding process, for questions, concerns, to share your excitement about being funded, or simply just to chat! We know you, because we are you. After all, we are the small to mid size business owner too — and that’s what helps us sleep at night. Thank you, and welcome to Rapid Funding Now!


Sounds Great! How do I get started?

Again, we want to make this as EASY as possible for you because we know just how valuable your time can be. Our process is very simple: Apply (fill out our quick and easy on line form), Consult (receive a call from one of our seasoned funding professionals within just a few hours), Approve (Get notified on approval within 24 hours). These three steps will help to ensure success in funding your small to mid-size business.

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